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Pulau Langkawi Cruises Menus


Our menu changes as we have so much variety to offer.

This is one example of our menu so that you have some idea what it is like.

BBQ dinner for Sunset Dinner Cruise
Salad Bar
- Potato Salad, (Bavarian style)
- Coleslaw, (Canadian style)
- Pineapple & Cucumber salad, ( Malay style)
- Thai noodle & seafood salad, (Thai style)
- Tomato & Onion salad, (Japanese style)
- Steamed vegetable platter with homemade dressing

B.B.Q. Corner
- Sate served with peanuts sauce
- Marinated Spicy Chicken
- New Zealand sirloin roast beef
- Fish marinated in Malay style, cooked in Banana leafs or stakes
- Prawns or Slip Lobsters
- Squid or Crabs (Seasonal)
- Vegetables marinated and cooked in banana leafs
- Baked potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes.
- Fried rice
- Fruits Platters

Some of our other menu items are:
Salad Bar: Fruits salad, Cucumber salad dill yogurt dressing, Marinated fish or chicken salad, Thai squid salad, Thai beef salad, Thai star beans salad, radish & carrot salad,
BBQ corners: Lamb kabab, lamb chop served with mint sauce, Leg of Lamb, Roast chicken with stuffing, marinated squid, marinated Tofu, marinated fish balls, Rice ball (Yaki-onigiri), Yakitori (Chicken in stick, Japanese style), various vegetables in various style, etc, etc …… all prepared with care and presented with style MALAYSIAN dishes, VEGETARIAN specials are AVAILABLE upon requests.

Lunch for Eco Adventure Day cruise is similar menu as Dinner Cruise menu, only slightly lighter. BBQ lunch will be served either on the beach or on board the yacht. Fruits are served in the afternoon on the yacht.

CANAPES: Two to three plates of canapés are served for Sunset Cocktail Cruise. Our canapés are combination of: Cream cheese on celery boats topped by cashew nuts, various cheese, spicy chicken, tofu &cheese balls with spicy sauce, various pates or dips with vegetable sticks or/and crackers, aspic, olives & pickles, sushi rolls, mini rice cakes, Mexican favorites, tortilla chips with guacamole dip, various Yacht Holidays original pastries strips, and more ….. all prepared with care and present with style.

OPEN BAR FOR ALL CRUISES: All of our cruises offer an open bar for drinks. This is a special feature we can do, as Langkawi is a duty free island. Our open bar drinks are alcohol drinks of beer, white wine, gin, vodka, whisky, rum, tequila, and special cocktails, such as Margaritas, Pinacoladas, and Yacht holidays original cocktails. Soft drinks & mixers of coke, sprite, soda, tonic water, orange juice, pineapple juice, mineral water are on board. We also offer regular coffee, English tea, Japanese tea and Chinese tea.

Sparkling wine is available on board from RM39.00/bottle.

Birthday cakes are available from RM35.00. Please let us know the day in advance, with your name.




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