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Kuala Gandah

Elephant Sanctuary

Malaysia Tourism & Travel Information

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Nestling in the Krau Wildlife Reserve, the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is managed by the Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks. The Center offers visitors a hands-on introduction to the largest mammal on earth. 


Here 'worker elephants are trained to help "guide and mother' wild elephants during the relocation process to National Park wildlife sanctuaries. You may enjoy a documentary about the relocation process and the work of these marvelous elephants and the humans teamed with them to rescue wild elephants that are endangered by being too close to civilization. 


Visitors are invited to help feed and bathe them in the shallow river or ride them. The young elephants have sense of humour, so watch out for a dunking as you try to clamber up their backs! 


Open 7 days a week all year, except not open to the public during the Holy month of Ramadan.


If time permits, visit the deer park nearby for great fun for the family.  Feed the deer and ostriches and see the rare Asian Sun Bear.

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